The gaming economy is one of the largest spaces for data generation. However, it also causes considerable complexity when focusing on relevant insights and extracting business insights.

Game Optimization is a never-ending process requiring effort on multiple fronts. Stakeholders must choose between different parameters and their potential impact on business performance.

Simpool’s simulation engine employs a sandbox approach. It considers user-behavior, seasonality, and dozens of other parameters. It turns “what ifs” into robust decisions, thus optimizing revenue.

“Why guess the effects of 2 variables?
Optimize your next game configuration by testing 100s of
options, and selecting the most profitable scenarios.”

Customer loyalty
management (coming soon)

Loyalty management is heavily reliant on exchange rates. Exchange rates can drive different results, given other user profiles. Therefore, having the ability to pre-determine the impact of each configuration is a powerful tool, especially when financial liquidity is involved.


Simpool can imitate your ecommerce funnel (CPI, conversion, pricing, and shipping cost) to optimize its profitability. Also, multi-product shops rely on repeat purchase patterns, which require a smooth shopping experience and added value – up-sales, post-sales, and benefits. You can estimate these through simulations.

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