Estimate. Simulate. Elevate.

With Simpool, you can explore a variety of game configurations without risking your game and without wasting precious time and money.

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Simpool is the ONLY simulation service for game developers. 

By utilizing Machine Learning, we are able to identify the most important in-game patterns and use these to predict future payments, retention and LTV.

The powerful capability enables us to simulate various scenarios into one consolidated testing pipeline.

Simpool centralizes all the economy configurations and allows easy access for all the teams working on product, monetization, marketing and management.


Empower the Product and Monetization teams with Economy and Live Ops insights

In-depth Economy Analysis:

Sources & Sinks monitoring

Transactional economy tracking

LiveOps analysis & comparison

Multi-currencies management

"Simpool's platform provides us a microscope insight to critical economy measurements and help us continuously balanced our game"

Idan, COO


Manage and control ongoing economy changes

Easy access to economy elements
Stay safe with Version control
Live Ops comparison view

“Simpool's killer dashboard helps us decipher our product's complex economy structure and improve our overall customer experience, by easily understanding which actions we take to motivate and entertain our customers the most”
Abigail ,PM, Clawee


No More "Guesstimations"
Simulate and view the results

Save time and effort

Consolidate all tests into simulations

Understand the logic in hours:
Predict churn, conversion, and LTV

Select the best scenario apply it to the game

"Touching game configurations is a tricky task and contains significant risks to the game's profitability.
Simpool's approach reduces both the risk and the test/validation time from weeks to days.
This alone can save 6 figures a month on both marketing and operational expenses.“
Evyater, Director of Product,SP


Synchronize all teams on changes and its predicted effect

Share next plans between all teams
Reduce economy leaks and miss planning between the teams

“Simpool reduces the time to insights and cut the manual analytics work by 50%”
Kemal, monetization manager, Brix


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