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Simpool's AI-based game simulation system
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The Problem: An Inefficient System

Maximizing user lifetime value depends heavily on properly balancing your game economy. You need a big media budget, a critical mass of users, and continuous trial-and-error experimentation, in order to achieve that balance.

While A/B testing is often invaluable, testing your game economy carries the risk of destabilizing the entire system by giving some players an unfair advantage. You also need to hire from a small pool of game economists to analyze the data once it's finally available.

And even after spending so much precious time and money, there's still too much guesswork in a mission-critical system that is best managed not as an art, but as a science.


You hope your game economy is well-balanced, and you play a hunch as to which options will have the most positive effct on your users LifeTime Value (LTV)

The Waiting Game

You just launched a new feature. To understand its effect on 30-day retention, for example, you need to wait an entire month just to see the initial results

Leaving Money On The Table

While you wait for relevant feedback, you run the risk of churning high-value users, prioritizing dev time inefficiently, and exposing new users to an unbalanced product that isn't optimized for engagement and retention.

The Solution: Simpool Power-Ups

Building on our deep expertise in AI and machine learning, Simpool has developed a powerful 'off-the-shelf' AI solution capable of conducting real-world simulations, predicting user behavior, and providing real-time monitoring of your game economy.

Simpool's got your back. Our smart, scalable solution allow you to quickly and effectively optimize your game economy and maximize user LTV. No more guesstimating, waiting & leaving money on the table.

No More Guesstimating

You'll know where to focus your efforts to have the greatest impact on user LTV

No More Waiting

You'll know in hours what previously took days or weeks

No More Leaving Money On The Table

You'll be able to invest your capital more efficiently and effectively

Simulation Prediction & Insights.


Simpool runs countless simulations of millions of user profiles and game configurations. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm simulates First-Time User Experience (FTUE), monthly promotions, marketing budgets, and much more!


Simpool gives you the power to predict your expected LTV from Day 1 to Day 365. You’ll be able to see how your game economy will be affected by a host of variables, changes, monetization mixes, and media budget investments. It’s like having an all-seeing eye into the future!


Simpool is an advanced cohort-based analytics platform that analyzes users from the moment they enter your game. With Simpool you'll find concrete answers to your questions about building a large- scale game-retention trend, monetization evolution, and engagement habits.

The Simpool Team

Guy Bar Sade

Co-Founder & CEO

Over 13 years of experience in in-depth data cycles (BI, analysis, big data) in leading companies (Playtika, bwin). Guy has vast experience in user classifications, segmentation and predictive LTV.

Nadav Amami

Co-Founder & CTO

More than 10 years of experience leading design and development teams at large companies (Elbit, SAP) He also brings extensive experience in large-scale architectures.

Yulia Jeshinko

Head of Product

Over 10 years of experience in Social Gaming, leading dozens of projects in many of the industry’s leading Social Gaming brands, taking business strategies and developing them from theoretical concepts into practical implementations.

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