SimIt - Simulation Sandbox

Simpool provides the largest data sandbox for online companies, offering you an unlimited amount of what-if scenarios to optimize your performance, and reduce your decision time.

Simpool uses measurable inputs, such as prices, retention and engagement metrics to create complex scenarios. These have been imitated by our AI model to estimate customer behavior in these different scenarios.

Identify Over/Under performing cohorts

Simpool’s unique scoring algorithm identifies and prioritizes a user’s cohort based on performance and worth.


Simulate possible solutions

Simpool enables multiple, complex what-if scenarios where different business strategies have been applied.

Prioritize best scenarios

Simpool prioritizes all results based on expected outputs and describes the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario.

SeeIt - Analytics Suite

Simpool DWH

  • Out-of-the-box database solution.
  • Top-tier DWH architecture, with internal aggregations and data enrichment.
  • Easily applied to various platforms, including Big Query, Snowflake, Redshift, and others.
  • Contains the most relevant in-game events.
  • Intuitive analytics dashboards, which cover the most important insights

Cohort Analysis

A comprehensive cohort observation, enabling efficient monitoring of cohort progression, and identifying over/under-performing cohorts.

CRM segmentation API

  • An advanced segmentation engine, with efficient personalization CRM protocol.
  • Simpool utilizes external and internal parameters. It is integrated as a leading CRM communication platform, offering real-time segmentation.

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