Subscription for the SaaS product, known as [Simpool Growth] (theProduct”), may be via a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

Monthly SubscriptionOur monthly subscription is US$ [20] per month, which shall continue perpetually until terminated by you.

You are entitled to terminate your monthly subscription at any time, by sending us a notice to the following email address: [].

Note that the monthly subscription will end on the subsequent month, following the month during which you sent us the termination notice to the email address mentioned above).

This means that the subscription in any event will continue until the end said subsequent month.

For instance, if you started your monthly subscription on the 10th day of the month, and you sent us the termination notice to the said email, the subscription will end on the 10th of the subsequent month.


Annual  SubscriptionOur annual subscription is US$ [200]*, and shall continue for a full annual following the payment of the annual subscription.

* Note that the annual subscription reflects a monthly discount of 20% in relation to the Monthly Subscription


Your annual subscription will renew each annual automatically, unless you inform us otherwise, by way of an email notice to: [].

Furthermore, you are entitled to terminate your annual subscription at any time during the annual period for which you paid for, by sending us a notice to the email address immediately above.

Note that should you terminate your annual subscription prior to the completion of the full annual period, we will calculate the number of remaining months starting on the first day of the subsequent month of your Annual Subscription, after receiving your termination notice.

Furthermore, we will reimburse you an amount based on the following calculation:

[the Annual Subscription] – (([the Annual Subscription] / 12] x [the number of months you continued with your Annual Subscription]) + ([the Monthly Subscription x 0.2] x [the number of months your Annual Subscription continued])).

For instance, if your annual subscription was US$96 and the Monthly Subscription is US10 (which means that the Annual Subscription reflects a 20% discount), and you terminated your annual subscription during the 7th months of your Annual Subscription, your refund will be:

96 – ((96 / 12) x 7) + (10 x 0.2) x 7) = US$ 30


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